Sunday, May 8, 2011


There's isn't a job that is more rewarding than being a Mother. Not until I was 30 and became a Mother did I begin to understand my mom's love and devotion to me.

Today was perfect. Our little family of four was able to get ready for church and arrive just a few minutes early. It takes a little pre-planning, to get us all to church around 8:20. That gave us just enough time for me to take Berkley to her Sunday School class, drop off our supplies for our three year old class, and for Charlie to drop of Major. Then, Charlie and I strolled hand and hand down the hall just around 8:30. We made it just as one of our preacher's was welcoming everyone! It was a wonderful service, followed by a special time with our sweet class of 9, three and four year olds. We made special candles for their mother's. Charlie was SO helpful, as we had lots of extra things to do this morning. He read the story, talked to the children about what special things their mother's do for them...while I cleaned up our art project and got things set up for our next activity. He took them down to music time, and I set up for a little birthday party for one of our little boys. We had mini-b-day celebration and then, put their little candles in special bags to give to their Mommy's.

We decided to come home and have a quite lunch together. One of the very best parts of the day, was knowing that Charlie didn't have to go to work the whole entire day. That doesn't happen very often on Sunday's. And that is the hardest day for him to be gone. After lunch, I was VERY surprised with a seperate card from everyone. A sweet, "girly" card from Berkley (which included her signature :), a Cookie Monster card from Major, and a very loving card from Charlie. Then, after that appeared two small dark purple boxes, with matching sheer bows.

I had been (secretly-until the last month) wanting a necklace, since Berkley was born with her name and now Major's engraved on two pendants. Well, Charlie had asked me to find a website and I did, but the night before he told me that it was too late and he wasn't able to get it in time. I must admit, I was disappointed. I am NOT materialistic and have WAY more than I need!! I opened the first box from the children, the outside of the box said, "Occassions" (the same place that my wedding ring came from) and Charlie said, "oh, that will probably give it away." I really didn't think so, but I was really excited that there was something very nice tucked away in the tiny box. After opening the box, I slowly pulled out a long silver chain, and since there was another box-I thought the charm/pendant must be in the other box. But, NO! At the end of the long silver chain, was two circle pendants....just as I had been dreaming about for nearly four years. One with "Berkley" and the other with "Major."

Then, there was another little purple box. I really had been given too much already! This one was a little lighter in weight than the other. I had a hard time, getting out the contents. I tipped the velvety bag over and out fell two sparkly (hooped) diamond earrings! Just like the ones that Charlie had given to me on our 1st or 2nd anniversary. I wore them nearly everyday, and then about 2 years ago.....they dissappeared!! Now, as I write I am sitting here with my new diamond earring from my sweet husband, and my necklace that hangs near my heart.

Followed by my AMAZING gifts, Charlie decided to take the kids for a walk, and since I hadn't slept well the night before...I asked him if it would be okay, if I just laid down. I did and slept for one and a half hours. I heard them come in, then Charlie went and fell asleep on the couch. Something he REALLY get to do! Nap, AND stay home all day on Sunday!!

After waking from our naps, Charlie really wanted to go work out and Major was still sleeping. Charlie left to go work out and Major soon woke up. I REALLY wanted to go to the pool, since we hadn't been there this year since it's opening on teh 1st. So, Berkley, Major and I packed up and went to our clubhouse! They LOVED it!! They both have NO fear!! They jumped and kicked and splashed!! What fun we had!! I feel so blessed to be able to have a pool in our neighborhood that we will continue to enjoy all summer and for many years to come! We all can't wait to go back!!

Then, we all got dressed for evening church. We dropped Berkley and Major off in the respective classes and then walked again, hand in hand down the hall to the sanctuary. We spotted my family right away. We were able to sit right next to my G-ma, Mom, Dad and Adrian. What a blessing that was!! We had another wonderful message and a VERY special time of prayer. After a busy, active day....we all headed to Rosa's for dinner. Major ate and ate and ate.....Being only 25lbs, you wouldn't think he could eat SO much...but when it comes to Mexican and Italian, that little boy can put it away!! He wanted to say "hi" to everyone in the restraunt. We all enjoyed our time together!

After coming home, Charlie read the kids a book and put them in bed. Berkley was in her room, talking to her flower. So, Charlie went in there and she asked, "Daddy, how is my flower going to get sunlight at night? Charlie said, "well, tomorrow we can put it in the backyard." Berkley, then replied, "but Daddy sometimes the sun disappears during the day. I think we should put it on my window ledge where the sun shines all the time." My little thinker....Hopefully, she'll be in dreamland pretty soon!

BLESSED!! I am TRULY, WONDERFULLY blessed to be their Mother, to have my sweet husband, and my Mother and Grandmother just minutes away!! I love them all so DEARLY! More than words could say!! THANK YOU for such a special day! I soaked up every minute with you-Charlie, Berkley, Major, Mom, Grams, Mike and Adrian!

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