Sunday, May 8, 2011


There's isn't a job that is more rewarding than being a Mother. Not until I was 30 and became a Mother did I begin to understand my mom's love and devotion to me.

Today was perfect. Our little family of four was able to get ready for church and arrive just a few minutes early. It takes a little pre-planning, to get us all to church around 8:20. That gave us just enough time for me to take Berkley to her Sunday School class, drop off our supplies for our three year old class, and for Charlie to drop of Major. Then, Charlie and I strolled hand and hand down the hall just around 8:30. We made it just as one of our preacher's was welcoming everyone! It was a wonderful service, followed by a special time with our sweet class of 9, three and four year olds. We made special candles for their mother's. Charlie was SO helpful, as we had lots of extra things to do this morning. He read the story, talked to the children about what special things their mother's do for them...while I cleaned up our art project and got things set up for our next activity. He took them down to music time, and I set up for a little birthday party for one of our little boys. We had mini-b-day celebration and then, put their little candles in special bags to give to their Mommy's.

We decided to come home and have a quite lunch together. One of the very best parts of the day, was knowing that Charlie didn't have to go to work the whole entire day. That doesn't happen very often on Sunday's. And that is the hardest day for him to be gone. After lunch, I was VERY surprised with a seperate card from everyone. A sweet, "girly" card from Berkley (which included her signature :), a Cookie Monster card from Major, and a very loving card from Charlie. Then, after that appeared two small dark purple boxes, with matching sheer bows.

I had been (secretly-until the last month) wanting a necklace, since Berkley was born with her name and now Major's engraved on two pendants. Well, Charlie had asked me to find a website and I did, but the night before he told me that it was too late and he wasn't able to get it in time. I must admit, I was disappointed. I am NOT materialistic and have WAY more than I need!! I opened the first box from the children, the outside of the box said, "Occassions" (the same place that my wedding ring came from) and Charlie said, "oh, that will probably give it away." I really didn't think so, but I was really excited that there was something very nice tucked away in the tiny box. After opening the box, I slowly pulled out a long silver chain, and since there was another box-I thought the charm/pendant must be in the other box. But, NO! At the end of the long silver chain, was two circle pendants....just as I had been dreaming about for nearly four years. One with "Berkley" and the other with "Major."

Then, there was another little purple box. I really had been given too much already! This one was a little lighter in weight than the other. I had a hard time, getting out the contents. I tipped the velvety bag over and out fell two sparkly (hooped) diamond earrings! Just like the ones that Charlie had given to me on our 1st or 2nd anniversary. I wore them nearly everyday, and then about 2 years ago.....they dissappeared!! Now, as I write I am sitting here with my new diamond earring from my sweet husband, and my necklace that hangs near my heart.

Followed by my AMAZING gifts, Charlie decided to take the kids for a walk, and since I hadn't slept well the night before...I asked him if it would be okay, if I just laid down. I did and slept for one and a half hours. I heard them come in, then Charlie went and fell asleep on the couch. Something he REALLY get to do! Nap, AND stay home all day on Sunday!!

After waking from our naps, Charlie really wanted to go work out and Major was still sleeping. Charlie left to go work out and Major soon woke up. I REALLY wanted to go to the pool, since we hadn't been there this year since it's opening on teh 1st. So, Berkley, Major and I packed up and went to our clubhouse! They LOVED it!! They both have NO fear!! They jumped and kicked and splashed!! What fun we had!! I feel so blessed to be able to have a pool in our neighborhood that we will continue to enjoy all summer and for many years to come! We all can't wait to go back!!

Then, we all got dressed for evening church. We dropped Berkley and Major off in the respective classes and then walked again, hand in hand down the hall to the sanctuary. We spotted my family right away. We were able to sit right next to my G-ma, Mom, Dad and Adrian. What a blessing that was!! We had another wonderful message and a VERY special time of prayer. After a busy, active day....we all headed to Rosa's for dinner. Major ate and ate and ate.....Being only 25lbs, you wouldn't think he could eat SO much...but when it comes to Mexican and Italian, that little boy can put it away!! He wanted to say "hi" to everyone in the restraunt. We all enjoyed our time together!

After coming home, Charlie read the kids a book and put them in bed. Berkley was in her room, talking to her flower. So, Charlie went in there and she asked, "Daddy, how is my flower going to get sunlight at night? Charlie said, "well, tomorrow we can put it in the backyard." Berkley, then replied, "but Daddy sometimes the sun disappears during the day. I think we should put it on my window ledge where the sun shines all the time." My little thinker....Hopefully, she'll be in dreamland pretty soon!

BLESSED!! I am TRULY, WONDERFULLY blessed to be their Mother, to have my sweet husband, and my Mother and Grandmother just minutes away!! I love them all so DEARLY! More than words could say!! THANK YOU for such a special day! I soaked up every minute with you-Charlie, Berkley, Major, Mom, Grams, Mike and Adrian!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Blossoming Little Sweet Peas

WOW! Lots has been happening at our house and I've been wanting to create a new post. So, here we go.

Major, our little bundle of energy is officially two and POTTY TRAINED!! YEAH!! He did WONDERFULLY!! Thank you for our peditrician's advice it was painless and he basically got it within a few times of going!! He is talking up a storm, even creating his own four-five word sentences. Today, while on a walk he said, "I see that truck Daddy!" He LOVES all things boy!! Trucks, tractors, "choo-choo's," garbage trucks, name it...if it's big, loud and moves! Major gets VERY excited!! We've been learning the differences between these and he's quickly catching on.

I am SUPER excited about his Potty Training, but even more importantly the sweetest words came out of his mouth-(all by himself). At night he has begun to enjoy reading books. He usually chooses The Little Train Engine that Could, and then he puts it up, we pray, he turns his music on and we sway to the music. After that, sometimes eye to eye, he likes to point to my eyes, then he points to his own, saying "my eyes." Then, "Mommy's ears." A few weeks ago, after doing our nightly routine, I covered him up with his truck blanket and I said, "I love you sweet Major." He said, "I love you Mommy." It brought tears to my eyes. Never had he said it so clearly and on his own, without prompting. It was a moment I'll never forget. Now, he enjoys hugging everyone at night and telling them how much he loves them.

Here are some things to describe little Major: bundle of energy (he can run/walk for miles), loves to be with his sister, loves to play with his friends at church, loves riding in Daddy's truck, playing with his trucks and legos, and any kind of ball and wrestling/tickling with Mommy.

There is nothing in life that is more of a blessing then your own children. Sure, at times....things are crazy, and chaotic and I'm not one who handles that the best at times, I know. It's something I'm working on.

The same week that Major starting Potty Training, Berkley came out of her room with her sparkley tennis shoes on and said, "look, Mommy I tied my shoes all by myself!" I looked down and, whoa....SHE DID!! She's not even four!! I couldn't believe it! We called Daddy and shared the big news right away. She had practiced the first part a few times, but I had just quickly shown her the "hard part" maybe twice.

She is one GIRLY, GIRL!! I mean, I know I've written about her wedding plans-invitation created and all! That's just the tip of the girly iceberg! Last week at Grandma's she polished her own fingernails and then this morning, before church I quickly painted her nails to match her bright pink sandals.

I wish I had taken the time to write down some of the funniest, expressive things she has said lately. She loves using large words in her vocabulary-"well, no not exactly." She has these beautiful, big blue eyes that dance when she talks. Speaking of dancing, she is BEYOND THRILLED about her first on stage ballet performance. She is getting dance at the "Sound of Music Theater." (the Cole Theater, where she told me that they built the hill near the theater for the play!) I am having a hard time writing in words her girly, sweet personality-here are some words to describe her: caring, bubbley, friendly, energetic, adventurous, and tenderhearted.

They are both excited about our swimming pool opening soon and Berkley has her birthday planned to a "t." Well, she has about three different we have about six weeks, before we need to decide. So, I'm leaning towards a super girly Fancy Nancy, dressup party. Berkley said, "I don't think that boys will want to be invited to this girly party." Daddy said, "no, I think Major and I will have to go someplace so you all can do your thing! It will definately be PINK and girly!!

We have definately been blessed with two litte sweet peas. They are the joys of our lives! We love them dearly and want God's best for their lives.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Little Sweet Peas love of crackers

While in Sprouts, health food store this morning enjoying a little protein brownie Major's bright blue eyes were scanning the store shelves. "I see crackers," he said as plain as day! He has just begun creating his own sentences!! What an exciting time!! For so long he has been able to understand, our side of the conversation but now he is entering into a new phase....offering his own side of the story!

For a few months now, he had two word sentences in his vocabulary. His favorite being, "Daddy's truck." "TRUCK" is definately one of his VERY favorite words and things to see with his eyes. Like his Daddy, one food that he couldn't live without is his crackers. He has even gone so far as to bring me the entire box of Ritz crackers and jar of peanut butter into my bathroom while I was putting my makeup on one morning. I guess that was a hint, and someone needed a snack. That's definately his snack of choice!

What a little man he is turning into! He has developed this funny little giggle that he enjoys inserting any chance that he can get! He scrunches up his little button nose, squints his eyes and does his sweet little giggle.

Right up there with crackers, is his LOVE of Elmo!! One of his favorite sleeping buddies is Elmo, he loves watching Elmo on TV and on the computer. He enjoys finding him in books and even on his diapers. We play this little game while I am changing his diaper. We point to the different character and I aske him, "is this Elmo?" When I point to someone else, he does this cute, dramatic "noo---oooooo." Okay, so maybe there was a little coaching involved, but word enthusiasm is fun brings words to life!!

It's hard to believe that Major Maddox will turn two in just three months. Where has the time gone? He just gets sweeter and more personality with every passing month! I love you, my little sweet pea!

Friday, October 8, 2010

18 words (plus 2) at 18 months!

Wow!! Major is really beginning to take off with his words. I think he is beginning to feel more confident and just today said many new words!! How fun this time is! When I began compiling my list and thought, "I have a perfect title for my new post- 18 words at 18 months," he added another word and then I remembered one I had forgotten. So, my catchy title wasn't quite so catchy!! At his 18 month check up, just a few weeks ago I told our pediatrician that he knew about ten!! He's really learned a lot and is becoming such a curious little boy these past few weeks.

So, in random order here is his 20 word vocabulary! Drum roll, please!!!
Bob (his Veggie Tales tomato)
thank you
all done!
bless you

Along with his vocabulary he has really been learning his animal sounds. His favorite sound to make is a tiger. Just this afternoon, I caught him reading books in the playroom. I just watched, and let him enjoy his playtime alone. He likes to point out trucks, and make a truck sound to go along with it! Pointing to airplanes in the sky, has also become a favorite. Just today he figured out how to climb up on chairs with any things could get even more interesting, as he's always curious as to what's inside cabinets, doors and drawers.

Major LOVES being outside!! He is always wanting to escape out the door....any outside door when opened. Brushing his teeth is another favorite....getting the toothbrush out of his hands can be interesting! He LOVES when Daddy comes home from work!! They go on walks together and go to the park. Often times he comes back with a few treasures....acorns, leaves etc. He enjoys, "airplane rides" and if I'm laying on the floor, sometimes he'll come and prop my feet up, so that he can go up into the clouds. For nearly a year now, he has enjoyed throwing balls, and sometimes unfortunately this leads to throwing anything and everything. I must say, for such a little guy...he's got quite the arm!

Somethings that Major LOVES eating are tomatoes, corn on the cob, grapes and watermelon. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure he likes treats just as well.....but we try to get him to enjoy the healthy things and as of right now, at age 1 1/2 there are some of his favorites!

Just yesterday in the grocery store, he waved to everybody he saw. Most of them waved back, or stopped and talked. It made my heart sad when someone didn't notice my sweet little boy, with his sweet, shy grin waving at them. Then, sometimes when they notice him he turns and becomes shy. He melts my heart, my sweet litle Major!! It's hard to tell just quite yet, what his personality will be far as outgoing, shy etc. but one thing is for sure, he is ALL boy!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sweet Little Teacher Take 2!

After twirling, plieing, bending and tippy toeing for nearly an hour-Berkley's teacher came out and said that she kept them much longer, because "they are all brilliant! It's my favorite class of the entire week!" Wow, that made Berkley smile from ear to ear and my heart swell as well.

Driving home, we talked about what a GREAT job she did, listening, following directions etc. The minute we got home. She declared to her Daddy and I, "I am going to be a Ballerina Teacher!" She told me to "stand on my spot" and then began to instruct me in her new ballet movements. Mommy has recently been to a few ballet classes herself, but is not nearly as flexible as she was when she was three!

Soon, after ballet was "over," she became Mrs. Hullender-her Preschool teacher. She asked, "who wants to be my helper?" Then she said, "now today is treasure day, we don't want anyone to have to pull their sticks." Then, back to work we went. Daddy "helped" pass out the paint cups and she handed us each a brush, smock and "paper." She pretend to place paint on each of our hands, then she told us to hold our hands down on our paper. After painting time was over, she said, "now put those in your cubbies and it's playtime!!"

After playtime was over, we went to music class. "Let me hear your voices," she declared. We laughed out loud at this one, as we new that this phrase along with her other "teacher" phrases came straight from her music teacher's mouth!

Helicopter pilot? Airplane Pilot? Teacher? Doctor? Nurse? Whatever path God has planned for her, we just want to provide her with as many opportunities to find her gifts and pursue her dreams.

Flashing back, nearly 25 years and their was little Amy-decked out in my teacher attire, my three brothers all sitting quite patiently as I instructed them in math, handwriting, spelling!! Thinking back, what great listeners I had and now to see out own little sweet Berkley, listening and mimicking her teachers! Oh, what a JOY!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Girly to the "T"

Here is a sweet picture of our 3 year old Berkley!! ALL girl!! This is how she would prefer to dress everyday!! Pink from head to toe, complete with high heels and a Tiara. This picture was taken from her Princess Party. Our first official birthday party with her sweet little friends!! They had such a great time. The clubhouse was decorated in pink from head to toe, with some mint green thrown in there-we didn't want to scare her little boy friends away with all of the pink!!

She is very neat and organized, likes things in their place. Yesterday, I caught her sitting at her new little table. She had three babies. Each sitting on their own chair, and she had the "head" chair. She was saying, "now you need to listen to your parents....."

Yesterday she created her own wedding invitation, complete with sequin decor. In case you didn't already know, she has her wedding scheduled for June 19th of next year. Although when you ask her, she says she has to be 25 or 30 to get married, then she can have a baby. Apparently, her best friend Nathan has already proposed in Sunday School. He is such a sweet friend, but I told her not for another 30 years or so!! Plenty of time to plan AND save.

And by the way, she still is interested in being a pilot-a "helicopter" pilot. It will be excited to see what God has planned as she has many interested. She is very compassionate and likes doctoring us all up with her pink bandaids. Even Daddy has been known to wear pink bandaids every know and then!

New sweet sayings and doings by Major Maddox

Major Maddox will soon be 17 months this Friday the 20th of August!! WOW, that means next month he'll be 1 1/2. How time flies!! He is learning many new words and I wanted to post these as this blog is a type of diary. It is exciting to look back and see what they were doing and interested in at certain times of their sweet lives.

Besides saying, "Mama, Dadda, Babba, ba-bye, nigh, night," and a form of "Hydee"-our Golden Retriever he has now started adding other words to his vocabulary. He LOVES watching and listening to the music from Veggie Tales. Grandma recently bought him Bob the Tomato and Berkley, Larry the Cucumber. He can very clearly say, "Bob," his new little buddy. He is always working on saying "up" and "all done."

Some of his favorite "doings" are: being outside (he's prefer this 100% of the time), throwing any and all kinds of balls, chasing sister around the house, dancing around in circles, and giving kisses. He loves water both in the tub and swimming pool. In fact, when my two little ones wake up from their naps we just may need to take a trip to the pool!! He likes to jump in from the side, just like his sis and even puts his face in and blows bubbles. He's a bundle of energy! WHEW!